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Colégio Pim Pam Pum welcomes students from Preschool, Primary, 1st and 2nd Cycles of Secondary Education, Technical and Vocational Education and offers Study Support. We also offer a free adult literacy project.

Our School follows the official study programme established by the Ministry of Education of Angola.

Colégio Pim Pam Pum Ensino Pré-escolar

Preschool Education

We offer recreational activities that enable children up to five years of age to start Primary Education with an excellent level of knowledge.

Primary Education

From the 1st to the 6th grade (compulsory education) our students learn the basics of reading, writing and simple mathematical operations.

Colégio Pim Pam Pum Ensino Primário (2)
Colégio Pim Pam Pum Ensino Secundário

Secondary Education

Students consolidate their knowledge in reading and writing and they also learn the basics in the areas of their native tongue, history and a comprehension of the social and natural environments.

Study Support

We offer extra support all students in all levels of education, who struggle with day-to-day school learning.

Colégio Pim Pam Pum Apoio ao Estudo
Colégio Pim Pam Pum Ensino Técnico-profissional

Professional and Vocational Education

We offer short practical programmes taught by qualified trainers to enable students to acquire skills in different areas of work.

Other Areas

Extracurricular Activities

We offer dozens of recreational activities – from sports to music.

Adult Literacy Project

Colégio Pim Pam Pum offers free lessons to all interested adults.

English Language in Preschool

Learning English in Preschool is an added value to the future of students

Psychological Support

Our psychologist is available to support students and parents/guardians.

Online Enrollment

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