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11. Regulation
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44. Parent/guardian
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  1. All students must be in school 10 minutes before the bell rings.

  2. The educational material to be used by students on a monthly basis must be purchased by parents/guardians. The material list is provided by the College at least 10 days in advance. Alternatively, it can be purchased at the College stationery shop, using the student's School ID Card for payment.

  3. The payments of tuition fees and other services should be made no later than the 10th day of each month. No student will be able to attend the next month classes without having all payments up-to-date. Non-payment within the aforementioned deadlines implies an increase of 15% over the outstanding amount.

  4. Absences are not subject to deductions on tuition fees. However, Optional Services may be subject to deductions when duly justified with at least five days in advance.

  5. Students should not bring toys, valuable objects or any other ornaments to School. Although we offer effective surveillance measures, we are not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any materials.

  6. In the eventuality of the student withdrawal, it must be communicated in writing at least 15 days in advance. Failure to comply with this clause will entail the payment of the tuition fee and other services for the following month.

  7. The 5% discount for siblings is only applied to the tuition fee.

  8. The School is closed during national and municipal holidays and in the end of the school-year in December and January when the employees are on holidays and maintenance works are made.

  9. Workdays are from Monday to Friday, corresponding to 20 days per month.


  10. CLOTHING: All students, from Preschool to the 12th grade, must wear the school uniform, which must be purchased at the School. The uniform should be in perfect conditions of use and the parents/guardians are responsible for that. Students not using the School's uniform will not be allowed to enter the school grounds.

  11. ACCESS: Students must carry their School ID Cards everyday. Students who do not hold the School ID Card will be prevented from accessing the school grounds. Students with symptoms of infectious diseases or actual diseases will be barred from entering the school. The College will have a GP doctor for early diagnosis.

  12. EXITING THE SCHOOL GROUNDS: Students are not allowed to leave the School during their regular schedules, except upon presentation of a written (or verbal, in emergency cases) consent issued by the parents/guardians.

  13. 1. ENTRANCE AND EXIT TIMES: We count on the maximum collaboration of parents/guardians for compliance with the stipulated school schedule.

  14. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: The College may provide first aid assistance and, in cases of accidents, will refer the student to the nearest Medical Clinic. Those events will be immediately communicated to the parents/guardians.

  15. SPECIAL SUPPORT: The School has a Psychologist, for a differentiated support to students who need that service.

  16. TRANSPORT: The College provides school buses to pick-up and deliver students to their homes (see table).

  17. INSURANCE: The School has Liability Coverage for losses or injuries and material damages caused to students by Administrators, Teachers and third party staff, as well as for injuries and damages caused by students to third parties and to each other.

  18. PAYMENTS: Cash payments are not allowed. The College has electronic systems that are the only means to make and accept payments of goods and services.

  19. SOCIAL MEDIA: The activities of our students are regularly published and advertised on our social media pages, so any photos of every student might be published. The social media pages are managed by us, but they are publicly visible.

For the proper legal effects and purposes deemed appropriate by the rightful person, I acknowledge by clicking "Accept" below that I have read, understood and accept this Regulation and that I undertake to fully comply fully with the the terms and rules aforementioned.

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